The last Oz post….

Certainly for the forseeable future. Darwin airport has entered the 21st century and also now provides free wireless. This will seriously help me stay awake until my flight boards at 2:45am.

I tried to use up all the credit on my Australian Vodafone SIM before I left, but unless I start waking people up, it isn’t going to happen. I have almost $60 left and nobody to harass with it! Still, I didn’t “pay” for it as such – for $50 you get $230 worth of credit so it’s not technically money wasted.

So I’ve waved byebye to two Czechs, an Irish girl and a Franco-German at the hostel, a Netherlander at the Vic and a French girl at Gate 2 around 10 minutes ago. It’s all “goodbye”s right now! Happily, two friends in Singapore are expecting me tomorrow/today which will help to offset the balance.

Well, that’s it for Australia. A pleasant, relaxed, inexpensive few days to round off what must be approaching 5 months in total over three visits. It’s been a blast and I will definitely be back. There are so many things I still want to do:

Perth to Darwin or vice versa
Adelaide to Alice or vice versa
Diving on the Ningaloo Reef at Exmouth
Diving off Darwin
Townsville / Magnetic Island
More surfing at Byron Bay
Everywhere north of Cairns

I’m sure there are more!

Thanks, Oz. See you around…

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