Tip – Obtaining a Vietnamese visa in Singapore

I had a very slight runaround and got some good information while I was doing this, so thought I might as well pop the info up here as I can’t find anything as specific elsewhere online.

Please note that the prices are as of the date of this post. Visa prices fluctuate and also vary depending on which country you get them from, what type it is, where you are from and so on. The visa I was after was a single-entry 1-month tourism one.

First of all, there are two phone numbers published online for information. Ignore them and use this one: (+65) 63233833. It will get you through to a chap in the visa office who speaks very good English and is incredibly patient and helpful.

There are also two locations you can visit if you’re applying in person. The actual consulate is in the middle of nowhere, and quite a way from the major cluster of embassies near Orchard Road. It’s at 10 Leedon Park and the phone number there is (+65) 64625938, but this only takes you to an answering machine message.

The other office is much more convenient if you’re staying in the usual backpacker areas round Bugis and Little India. Get the MRT (or walk) to Buena Vista station and exit via route C (Anson Road). Straight over the crossing is Prince Edward Road. You’re after number 12, but it doesn’t have a number on!

The building is on the right as you walk away from the MRT station and also houses several TV networks. Their sign outside makes it easy to spot. Go through the glass doors and to the lifts on the right hand side. Floor four, come out of the lift and turn to the right and look at the doors facing you. One of then says “Vietnam Visas” amongst a lot of other things.

You need: passport, 2 x colour passport photos, money.

You can turn up: between 9:00 and 11:30 Monday to Friday.
You can get your visa/passport back: between 13:30 and 17:00 on the date they give you.

The cost depends on how quickly you want the visa back and is payable only in Singapore dollars as cash.

Same day: SGD285
Next day: SGD130
3 days: SGD100
4 days: SGD85
5 days: SGD70

Note that these are *working* days. Hand your passport in on Friday and pay SGD130 and you’ll get it back on Monday, for instance.

And I think that’s all!

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    • John, you’re welcome – I hope you find it useful. Do note that the information is a couple of years old now and it’s always worth checking details directly with the office. Prices will almost certainly have changed!

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