Mad dogs and 11 Englishmen

Back with the ‘rents and the poochies for a couple of days. I’ve got a huge stack of paperwork to get through, things to dig out, comics to read (19 months’-worth of 2000AD, Judge Dredd and Viz…), arrangements to make, clothes to find… Gah.

Of course, the upside is a lack of rent, great food cooked for me, dogs to play with, 19 months’-worth of comics to read… Or it would be if I had the time around everything else! The job thing’s moving on apace. I had another offer for an interview for an administrator’s positions which I had to turn down as the French requirement was above my standard. I can just about manage conversational if I choose the subject and talking like a 5 year-old is allowed.

I popped down to a local hotel to watch the England v Russia game and wished I’d not bothered. God grief. After six 3-0 wins, we throw away what should have been an easy three points. However, I was heartened by the attitudes of the locals who all wished England well. I guess they were on a high with Scotland’s recent run of form – which if course came to an end the same night. Not good for either of us!

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