Meeting in Manchester

Tuesday saw me rushing through a gazillion more little tasks and trying to find stuff in the cellar (where the hell are all my shoes anyway?) before driving down to Manchester where I was to stay with Andy before my interview. I’ve not had the paperwork back about the driver position I was offered (and accepted) from someone else yet, so I don’t feel too guilty! This one’s for an IT role covering the entire snowy resort area in France. A lot of responsibility and a lot of variety. I guess we’ll see…

I set off late, but had no traffic problems the entire way down. This is a good thing as it’s over four hours (in my mum’s car) to get from Perth to Manchester. I arrived after 10pm, but still managed to locate a KFC for supper before crashing at Andy’s (not in the car!)

The interview seemed to go OK, but didn’t cover any new ground. I think it was just to ensure that I wasn’t a psycho with “KILL” tattooed on my forehead. I bluffed it anyway – they didn’t see through me. Bwahahaha! Later in the afternoon, the head of IT gave me a call to save me traveling all the way to Fleet which was nice of him. We talked for about 30 minutes and I feel fairly positive that I’ll have a job offer in a couple of days. Fingers crossed, folks!

I met Andy for lunch and started updating this beast in the afternoon. Before dinner, we went to play 5-a-side with some of Andy’s work colleagues. I think I was on the winning team (you know how you lose count) and I scored three goals. All past Andy and all with my left foot!

I’m sat here typing up this final post to bring me up to date with the remnants of a spicy pizza tingling my tongue and the taste of pumpkin beer lingering on what remains of my taste buds. My legs ache and I think I’ve pulled a muscle, but not a bad day all in all.

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