Lazing in the mountains

Another lazy day, so I’ll just hit you with the highlights.

Low temperatures, heavy rain (in the afternoons)… it’s actually nice. Scenery is lovely, though it’s actually quite freaky to be in the cloud cover as the rain comes in – it’s like a mist you can see gradually obscuring the main road.

Breakfast was at the T-Café and was very good. If you’re ever there, try the strawberry tea. It’s the first fruit tea I’ve ever had that actually tastes of the fruit it’s named for. Most of them smell gorgeous and taste rubbish. A very civilised way to start the day – breakfast, a cuppa and the local paper!

About the paper. It’s a fair chunk of a publication called The Star which is more like a daily magazine that a newspaper. One feature I’ve noticed they have every day is “Mind My English” (if I have the title correct), where people write in with queries about their pronunciation, diction and so forth. The panel of experts offer advice. And it’s fantastic. Frankly, based on the nonsense I get via mail, SMS, email and in far too many British publications we could do with something like that back home. We invented the language, for crying out loud, and these people over here take more pride in it than we do.

For dinner I opted for an Indian. 7 Ringgit got me a huge naan, a smattering of veggies, three dips (mint, curry and dahl) and a lump of chicken the size of a baby’s arm. And I splashed out on a chocolate milkshake as well. Superb meal. The waiter dripped the platter in front of me, followed by a basket of forks and spoons. These were taken away and replaced with some napkins when he realised I’d obviously been to India and devoured the entire thing using my hands.

The hostel here has two dogs who are well cute – one old white thing with a dodgy eye that looks part-Schitzu, and a young, bouncy yellow thing that’s about as friendly a pooch as I’ve ever met. They even have a sign up saying that Rocky wants to go for walks! Maybe the day after tomorrow. I’ve signed up for the day-long jungle tour which means an early start and a late return. It probably also means getting soaked… Hope it’s worth it!

I’d also planned on doing the farm tour as well, but they’re not running it due to the weather. I guess people prepared to trudge for 3-4 hours through the jungle aren’t as fussed about bad weather as those who want to do more sedate things.

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