Back home. Again.

City of Dundee Arms since 1996

Back in Dundee

The end of another working week in the Alps and I barely stopped. As it happened, things tailed off as I was tidying up on the Saturday so it looks like I timed things well.

Over the week, I spent a couple of nights based over at Belle Plagne in our “flagship” hotel. I have to say I was hugely impressed with the staff while I was there. Not just the way they treated me (great food!) but how they handled all the work and guests. From what I saw, I know I would be happy to holiday there. Well done, crew.

So in with delivering some supplies to a few resorts as I had to borrow one of the catering managers’ vans, what did I achieve? Off the top of my head:

Amongst a huge number of smaller jobs. The only outstanding thing when I left was Jo’s internet that was finally sorted a couple days later. I stepped through the set-up with her via Emilia on Skype acting as middleman.

I borrowed a seat on a coach taking guests back to Geneva and waited an age for my Edinburgh flight while trying to stay awake. Worst was the delay. Ten minutes when we boarded was no problem. But then we sat there for twenty. And were finally told that there would be a further 25 before we took off.

Why don’t they tell you things like this before you board so that you can call/SMS people at the other end to let them know? Once you’re on the plane, you’re not allowed to use your mobile!


Back in the UK and a ton of stuff to organise for the upcoming trip. It never stops!

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