Last day in Melbourne

The main building housing the Shrine

The main building housing the Shrine

I aimed to chill out today and I pretty much did. I set off at midday to meet Ben for lunch. Then turned round after 200m when my bike chain snapped. I grabbed the spare bike from the back yard, washed the oil off my hands and then realised that the spare bike’s back tyre was flat.

Finally, I got going and we went to somewhere called Funky Curry or Funny Curry on Bourke Street. They had a special on as it’s an Indian holiday (the Festival of Colours, apparently) so all the meals were $2 off. Bargain. I paid this time, so we’re all even on the lunches. Though I do recall that Ben paid for the world’s largest lasagne last time I stayed with him.

The eternal flame

The eternal flame

As I’d promised myself I found somewhere nice to sit and read my book – down at the Queen Victoria Park. The sun shone, traffic whooshed past in the distance and two hot bikini-clad girls covered each other in suncream nearby. I delighted in texting Ben and Muddy with this information.

The sun’s strong down here, so I didn’t want to sit in it too long. Instead, after an hour or so, I packed up and cycled south a little further to the excellent war memorial and shrine. An hour was spent walking around here before I popped back on the bike and returned to Shelly’s.

Inside the War Memorial in Melbourne

Inside the War Memorial in Melbourne

No plans for this evening, so no need to blog about them. Just kick back, maybe grab a beer or two from the bottle shop and make sure I get plenty of sleep. It’s an early start tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Last day in Melbourne

  1. I have a Hindu friend in work and she was telling me about Holi today. Sounds like a cool festival with lots of water pistols and the like!

    Glad you’re having fun. And sorry I don’t get round to commenting more often.

  2. Hey, B. No worries about the lack of comments – I don’t often get the chance to give you feedback on Daily Photo either, but I do check in 🙂

    Water pistols, eh? Sounds like Songkran in Thailand!

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