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National Express East Coast 43300 leads 43238 ...

Ride me for £9!

Due to flying from London, I now have a ticket from Kings Cross to Perth, Scotland available. I’d originally planned on heading back home for a few days, but the flights from Heathrow were far cheaper.

The ticket is on the East Coast Main Line, leaves Kings Cross at midday on the 29th of June and stops at Peterborough, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and a few other places. Obviously, you can get off before Perth if you want.

Note that it’s only one-way. If you’re heading back to London, you’ll need to book that separately. I recommend and to do so quickly before the prices rise again.

I’m only asking £9 for it – that’s what it cost and why I don’t mind flinging it away if it’s not going to be used. But better to be used by someone. Contact link on the right, or post in the comments if you’re interested. As it’s to be collected, you’ll have to get it off me when I’m in London, though – it requires my payment card and the booking number to get it out of the machine.

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