Our Jamaica trip – an introduction

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I’m putting these posts up around 2 months after our trip simply as work and life have been ridiculously hectic. I couldn’t update while we were there as the wireless wasn’t up to it.

A couple of points to note:

a) Keep $22 (or equivalent in J$ or GBP) to one side, per person, for your departure tax at the airport. Even most scheduled flights don’t include this fee.

b) Do the excursions if you’re there on a resort. They’re worth it (see the posts)

c) Considering a wedding? Considering abroad? We can’t rate Jamaica highly enough, and in particular the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean where we were staying. Our wedding planner was just the most wonderful woman who put up with our chopping, changing, indecision, flexibility, inflexibility, plans, ideas, lack of planning, forgetfulness… Oh, and the weather.

d) Other Jamaican staff were pretty much along the same lines. Wonderful people.

e) Do listen to weather reports. Jamaica, along with many parts of the world, doesn’t do “a bit windy”. When they tell you to stay in your room, flipping do it.

f) You’ll struggle to get to certain areas without using public transport, taxis or rental cars, for this you need to select the right car for this services and having the right knowledge is important for this, and sites as the Auto News and Reviews could really help with this. Mainly because they’re too damned dangerous. We couldn’t get a taxi to drive us to the outskirts of Kingston as the drivers we asked said that first we would be mugged and then they’d take the car.

Anyway, on with the posts…

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