Goodbye to friends

Today was Tim & Tracy’s last day in Thailand, with them heading out on a near-midnight flight. We spent the day dawdling around Bangkok (after recoving from the night before which took some doing, I can tell you) and I even managed to find an A & W selling root beer. Lovely!

We sat and enjoyed the sun (and bandaged Sharon’s blistered foot) in Lumpini Park. This is a huge park in the centre of the city where people gather in the early hours to exercise, do Tai Chi and basically chill out before work. It’s about the only public “no smoking” area in Bangkok (tell that to the farang sat on a bench near us – the Thais were too polite to) and dogs aren’t allowed in at all.

Dinner, once again, was at the Bull’s Head (I heartily recommend… erm… everything on the menu). On a Sunday they do a 2-hour promotion called Toss the Boss where the bar manager tosses a coin for each round you buy. If you win, you have to buy him a drink (usually a token 100Baht) but the round is free. If you lose… you pay for your drinks as normal. We paid for one round out of 6, and that one was only a single G&T and half a lager.

Tears were shed later as we were pummelled 1-3 by Liverpool. Oh, and when T&T left to fly home. Both events pretty much expected, though.