Temptation arrives

Today’s been exhausting. I went to be around 9:30 last night and got up just before 1am to watch the World Cup final, and barely slept a wink. After the game, I just couldn’t sleep so I sat up all night repairing one of the PCs in the hostel. A quick breakfast (packet soup and bread… delicious! This may be a lie) and I shot over to Blue Dragon.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the PCs we were to be using for the lesson – only one had the software on and the license had expired for it! So off we went to buy new software. Only we got the wrong version which wouldn’t install on Windows 98. So another moped trip back to the hostel for me to pick up my laptop was made, then back to Blue Dragon where I burned copies of the older software.

Fine and dandy on three machines, but no working CDROM on the fourth. Agrh. By the time I got things going, I was ready to drop. We’ll have to pick up where I left off tomorrow once I get some decent kip.

Arriving back at the hostel, I dropped my bag off and went round the corner for my daily bowl of pho. I notice I’m now getting more meat per portion and even a glss with ice in for my drink! They do like regulars there.

I also saw a head-on collision between two mopeds at the skull-crushing speed of virtually zero mph. One moped was turning onto the street that the other was heading down. There was a screech… well, no. There was a crunch of brakes as I think they were slightly knackered. Then the teensiest of “thump” noises as the tyres touched, exactly head on. Both drivers just wiggled their wheels and moved off. Not a word was uttered.

I was still “buzzing” when I returned to the hostel, but forced myself to lie down and catch 40 winks. I managed to sleep through the cleaners changing every bed in the room but mine. My eyes were gritty to say the least when I woke!

Nattering to some of the staff here, it seems there is a brand new KFC. Argh. Thankfully, it’s a hell of a drive away or I’d be eating it every day. Especially as a regular meal is slightly over £1! And rattling on about food has made me hungry again. I think a chicken burger is in order…

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