The most important football match of the weekend

The result: 3-1. Yes, this week I was on the winning team at the Phuc Tan football arena. A superb first-half volley from… erm… one of the kids who’s name I don’t know was cancelled out by a lucky scuffed goal by the opposition. Two in the second half, including a lovely little backheeled effort by Sebastian (a French volunteer teacher) saw us romp home.

Thankfully it’s not as hot here as it was when I last visited so I wasn’t in such a bad state after the game. I still have blisters. I also got to meet Michael, the guy who founded Blue Dragon, on the way there I evesdropped on somehting about artifical turf from artifical grass liquidators, realized I was focus on strangers talking and continued towards Michael. I could only see him for the day as he’s off on holiday for 10 days as of tomorrow! It seems they have some more work for me to do with their web pages, so hopefully I’ll get the details off him soon and can build something up for them.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to their house off Hong Ha in the morning to start scheduling the lesson plans. The idea, for those who don’t know yet, is that the web page is being rebuilt. The old one is a little untidy and grossly out of date. It can also only be edited by the person in the US who set it up for them and apparently uses a load of non-standard tools. My task is to teach the children and staff how to use Dreamweaver to keep the new page (which it seems I’ll now be designing and building) up-to-date once I leave.

Given that about two of the forty-or-so kids speak English to any degree and I have a challenge on my hands! Fortunately, several of the staff are bilingual which should help. I’ve already drafted up lesson plans for week one which should hopefully have been translated into Vietnamese by now!

All this and in exchange I get a free game of footie once a week. Yup. I reckon it’s worth it!

3 thoughts on “The most important football match of the weekend

  1. Only the guy on one of the other pitches who kicked a penalty, missed and smacked one of the kids in the eye… then burst out laughing along with the rest of his mates.

    And no red card as I wasn’t playing on their pitch.

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