Oh, no. Not here again

Back in Bris, folks! I don’t have a lot of touristy stuff organised for the (indefinite) duration of my stay, so don’t expect too many posts. I’m seeing some friends over the weekend which will likely just involve drinking and falling over which I won’t bother to report on!

However, I just got an email from Hans who will be in India from early December to late February with excursions to Bhutan, Nepal and the like. I need to get travelling again so I’ll likely be booking flights there shortly to hook up with him. I just need to figure out where to book my flights from as I don’t know where I’ll be at the time!

I would like to get back to Singapore shortly as I’d like to get a new camera (a small one for nights out, etc – mine’s too big), a waterproof case so I can take a camera down with me, a new mobile (my spare’s now dying randomly) and some kind of LED nightlight. All of these should be cheaper over there. Plus I’ve heard the diving’s good!

Of course, this means I won’t be hitting Japan next month as I’d intended so I’ll have to reschedule that, maybe for the new year. I’m wondering if I can travel overland from India into SE Asia, do Laos and Cambodia, revisit Vietnam and from there fly into Hong Kong and on to Japan. My credit card is already in hiding.

2 thoughts on “Oh, no. Not here again

  1. Look – it beats fucking cambridge at the minute man.
    wish I could be there – if only to avoid the hellhole over here:-)
    see- happy damo strikes again.

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